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Thanks to its design and the colors selected, the FOLIANT Laminators have been branded the YELLOW MACHINES around producers of one-sided laminators, their distributors, and printers from all the world.
Tue 20. November 2018
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New FOLIANT Pollux installed in Africa

FOLIANT's flagship, the industrial laminating machine FOLIANT Pollux 760 SF was successfully installed in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon in December 2015. The customer selected the Pollux machine in a huge competition of Asian and European laminating machines, after several months of negotiations. The 5 days installation and training was successful. After returning home Mr. Josef Hrncir, the manufacturer's representante, said: “Mr. Mike, as the Pollux operator is a very clever and skilful guy, with experiences in print finishing technologies. So the machine installation and laminating exercises were easy with him. I believe the customer will be satisfied.”
It was not first installation of Pollux laminating machines in Africa – in last two years two units  were installed in Egypt, one in Morocco and one same sized Mercury 760 SF in Cote d’ Ivory and another Pollux machine is ready for delivery to Ghana now. So besides the machines for high quality of digital outputs lamination the B1 machines Foliant Pollux 760 SF and Mercury 760 SF look to be a successful product for African printers.

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