NG - Next Generation Print

NG - Next Generation


Discover innovated range of single and double sided Foliant laminators NG - sucessor of our popular SF machines. NG machines are faster (Mercury +8%, Taurus +14%), safer and packed with a lot of small improvements to enhance its performace, reliability and ease of use. All NG machines are certified by independent testing laboratory DGUV Test - BG Etem and received GS certificate. Such certificate requires a lot of safety measures that are more demanding than by law and they are profoundly tested and checked during whole production. NG range covers machines in formats B3+, B2+ and B1+ size:

Foliant Mercury 400 NG

Foliant Mercury 400 NG 4x4 double

Foliant Mercury 530 NG

Foliant Mercury 530 NG 4x4 double

Foliant Taurus 530 NG

Foliant Taurus 530 NG 4x4 double

Foliant Mercury 760 NG

Foliant Taurus 760 NG